Cardio Training- Why you should fall in love immediately

Do you want to get rid of excess weight, resolve a medical problem, tighten up certain parts of the body, pump up your form at the maximum or increase overall performance?

Play sports professionally or recreationally?

Any goal that you have your most efficient asset will definitely be - cardio training.

Statistics and research prove every day the benefits of cardio training for general mental and physical health. All well-known coaches, athletes, bodybuilders, top models etc. have understood this long time ago.

However, most athletes have second thoughts for cardio exercises because they consider them uniform and boring. However, if they became aware of its importance and apply some of the tricks, cardio training would become a part of their everyday life.

Pro Gym fitness centre is well equipped with modern equipment, and with the instructions of our professional trainers in a pleasant atmosphere, everyone can improve its fitness, burn excess fat and boost the effectiveness of any exercise program. We'll show you how to work out with the cardio workouts harder, look more beautiful, feel and live better.

Cardio workout- what is it exactly?

When we say cardio training, most think of a bike riding, treadmill running, rope jumping or exercise on a stair. However, this concept is much wider and includes any kind of training in a certain period of time which enhances the rhythm of the heart. This includes walking, brisk walking, jogging, cycling or roller-skating outdoors, and it is recommended that depending on the goal to be at least 3 times a week.

Cardio exercises does strengthen the heart (cardio fitness) and lungs, reduce heart rate at rest. They provide durability and perseverance and melt fat long after the workout ended, even while you sleep.

What you achieve with cardio workout?

The benefits of cardio training are wide:

  •  Acceleration of metabolic processes in the body, which is retained even after it leads to fat loss from the critical parts of the body
  •  Reduced levels of bad cholesterol
  •  Increases lung capacity
  •  Reduces pressure
  •  Increasing secretion of growth hormone
  •  Better concentration because of the increased inflow of blood into the brain
  •  Improved peristalsis of the intestines and improves digestion
  •  Reduction of stress levels because cardio reduces the level of cortisol
  •  Stronger Immunity

And here are some practical tips on how to get the most out of cardio exercises.

• Better results in less time

If you want to lose weight and lose fat you should apply so-called interval training (HIIT - high intensity interval training). 15 minutes of high intensity training has more effect on the metabolism rather than one hour of slow run. This kind of training affects the metabolism even 48 hours after the exercise, and removes weight long after you finish your workout, even while you are completely still.

• Do 3 cardio sessions a week – your guide to a muscular body

The number and intensity of cardio exercises should be adapted to its wishes, possibilities and set goals. If raising the tonuses and strengthen the muscles is your goal, it is recommended to perform cardio training minimum 3 times a week, along with a healthy diet and exercise with weights.

• Reduce speed, increase the angle (load)

Running on the treadmill has little to do with the actual running. Therefore, most of the real big mistake enhancing the speed of the cardio strips, with minimal tilt. The maximum effect is achieved exactly the opposite - with the maximum load. This applies also to other cardio equipment.

• The longer you do cardio the fat is consumed less

The maximum fat reduction is carried out in the first half hour of training and with increased intensity. Everything over an hour does not bring so much to efficiency, as your defence mechanism in the body starts to run, and it begins to store supplies, and the fat is burned more slowly.

• Cardio training on an empty stomach

Cardio training in the morning hours is not only a great way to start the day but also the most effective. When you pump up the speed of the metabolism, it then works for you and burns fat throughout the day. In addition, a number of obligations and busy schedule may not leave enough time for you to complete it in the evening. All this is more than enough reason to include cardio workouts into your schedule and how they work best for you and your body – you will learn from professional trainers at our centre.

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