Keep the good shape for good

It seems that now more than ever before people are doing everything to have a healthy and slender body. If you look at newspapers or TV shows, you will see countless advertisements about health and fitness industry that promise good form, fast and easy results, front page body shape and all that with little effort and even less sacrifice.

Unfortunately, magic wand and magic products do not exist. There are people who are very well blessed by genetics, and with less action achieve better results. Of course there are others as well.

However, it should not be and must not be an excuse for those who do not have a friend in genetics. Because absolutely everyone with the right advice, guidance of experts and selection of appropriate actions can achieve and maintain good form. Achievement of a good shape is not easy. It takes time, willingness, patience, consistency, adherence to certain dietary habits and regular training. The only true and safe way to tighten the muscles, and make the body perfect is efficient and regular trainings. Your body will get the desired shape, health will be at its peak, and you'll feel great, no matter whether you are a professional or a casual sport amateur.

However, experience shows that staying in good shape is much harder task, at which also those persistent fail. Main importance is that you take a healthy and natural way.

12 proven ways to keep a good shape

Experts at Pro Gym fitness center are giving you few easily applicable and confirmed tips that contribute to keeping the body in a great shape:

• MOTIVATION: do not aim too high. Be realistic about your wishes and opportunities. Positive psycho-physical changes will become clear soon. Without true desire and motivation that takes you straight forward, all other advice are futile. Cheerful and positive attitude is a great conjunction indeed in everyday life as well as at the training.

• Personalizing: Blind adherence to rules can create personal resistance, therefore the intensity, time and place of your training, as well as a variety of foods to be adapted to the pace and manner of life.

• A PROFESSIONAL COACH: Choosing a good coach is very important. We suggest that when you find a coach that suits you and with whom you have good results, you stick with him. Here is why. Each has its own way of work and the introduction of new programs can create confusion and disrupt the dynamics of the desired goals.

• CONTINUITY: You shouldn`t skip your training, and expect to make up for missed classes in a day with higher intensity training. Such an approach will not give the best results, since the rhythm and continuity are very important for the final results.

• FOCUS ON ONE GROUP OF EXCERISES: It is quite wrong to combine exercises for all muscle groups and work for hours in order to achieve progress and desired shape. All professional coaches will tell you to focus on a single, effective and efficient program of your training.

• PROPER AND VERSATILE NUTRITION: This means- smart food choices. You need to stop eating processed meat and replace it with plane meat, and it is best to choose fish, beef or chicken. Also, we all know that you should insist in eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of hard cheese you should choose fresh cheese, and instead of white bread choose brown or integral one. Avoid carbonated beverages, sweets, snacks, and let your choice in food be nutritionally rich foods, nut fruits and natural juices.

• WATER: do not forget to drink lots of fluid. At least 2 liters of water a day contributes hydration and acquitted strengthening of the purchased toxin, also rejuvenates the whole body and makes you feel satiated, and at the same time you would not be hungry longer in time.

• REST AND MASSAGE: regular sleep, a much-needed rest and relaxation or sport massage is equally important as the training itself. Listen to your body, and although with every workout you need to move your limits and also when the body needs relaxation you should allow it.

• WALKING AND JOGGING: make the most of every opportunity to walk or do jogging. Everyone knows about the benefits of walking in fresh air, hardly anyone uses these easily accessible and totally free methods to achieve nice shape.

• Interval training: the best way to maintain the shape and weight is to change the intensity of the workout. Such variations break the monotonous repetition and makes the time spent in the gym more interesting.

• WARM UP AND STRETCHING: before each training you are required to have patience in a good warmup of all the muscle groups and wrists. Also, you should extend them well after training. This prevents causing of injuries and so-called "inflammation of muscles". Also, a 10-minute walk with a slight extension will contribute for the heated body to cool down, and a special benefit will go to lungs and heart.

• NEUROBIK: a modern term that indicates the importance to stimulation of brain functions together with strengthening the body. The will and positive attitude towards exercise and life in general will make every objective easily reached. Biochemical reactions in the brain causing a positive thinking are also good for body shape.

Therefore, think positive, eat healthy and surrender your worry about shape to professional trainers at Pro Gym fitness center.

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