Get rid of the body fat forever

Fat in certain body parts and overweight are one of the most common reasons that people state that go to gym and start exercising. Obesity is a disease of modern times and the result of modern, rapid way of life. It equally affects both sexes, and is more and more pronounced at younger populations.

Buildup fat tissue is much more than an aesthetic problem. If not treated it can cause long-term and serious health problems. And here, the old rule stands: the longer you are dealing with the problem of multiple deposits, the solution is more complicated and more expensive.

The good news is that accepting the special diet with properly selected and customized exercise program this problem can be successfully and permanently resolved. You must have a strong will and motivation. Everything else can be found in Pro Gym fitness center. Professional coaches will select and combine the most effective training scheme which will quickly lead to melting fat from specific areas. Also, you can get advices on the changes in lifestyle and proper selection of foods, all of which will lead shortly to personal happiness when you look yourself in the mirror.

But before we go into a common struggle, it would be good to get to know the "opponent".

How are fat and overweight created?

Statistics show that over 95% of people are overweight due to diet dominated by carbohydrates and lack of movement. Simply put, the number of calories intake is far greater than those spent during the day. This excess is then accumulates in certain parts of the body, usually on the abdomen, gluteus, thighs, upper arms etc.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to reverse the process: eat less but more in nutrition value food and boost physical activity. In order to quickly and efficiently achieve the desired results, it is best to turn to professional coaches who will draw up an exercise program tailored entirely to your needs and abilities.

How exercising contributes to reducing body fat?

Programs made specially for regulation of body weight and removing fat deposits from specific areas are based on the increasing volume of work in one or a combination of several kinds of different activities.

Mostly combining aerobic training on fitness machines and exercises with weights. The increased volume of exercise encourages the spending of calories and speeds up the metabolism in the muscle cells and reduces the need for food. Spending calories is proportional to the intensity and duration of exercise and activated muscle mass. Experience shows that the best results are achieved by extending the duration of training in the moderate intensity. Raising the intensity of training gives poor results, and increased fat burning takes place in practice at around 60-70% of maximum heart rate for a period longer than half an hour.

Here's Body needs 12 minutes to start converting the body fat into energy. Therefore, it takes same time to the introductory, aerobic part of the training. The largest amount of fat disappears in the period after a half hour of exercise. However, one must not exaggerate the length, because the body needs rest, and creates an there is increased risk of injury. Through rest body adapts to higher loads and becomes stronger and more durable.

We always suggest the use of saunas, which will further contribute to the release of accumulated toxins and contribute to relaxation and relaxation of the whole organism.

A child without training does not achieve results

A reduction of food intake (energy) in the body will not give the desired results. There will be a degradation of muscle mass, and muscles are the biggest consumers of fat in the body. Therefore, with a planned diet properly designed training is highly recommended. Appropriately selected exercise program strengthens and shapes the muscles, the body gets the desired shape. In addition, muscles are getting active and you stop the degradation due to dietary diet.

Simply speaking, the greater muscle mass, this body has a greater capacity for fat burning. Muscle tissue burns 25 times more calories than fat tissue. And because of that, all the diets, without increased physical activity it`s just not enough.

There are a few things you can do to speed up weight loss process and removal of fat layers from a particular part of the body:

  1.   Drink plenty of fluids, preferably water, and green tea
  2.   Eat high-protein foods - lean meat, eggs, dairy products
  3.   Reduce your food intake to a minimum in the evening
  4.   Drink plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds
  5.   Eat foods that promote melting fat (grapefruit, pineapple, chili, ginger, cinnamon, almonds ...)
  6.   Take every opportunity to move - go for a walk, jog, ride a bike or roller-skating
  7.   Regular sleep and rest is a must
  8.   Avoid stressful situations
  9.   Accept your body and take the time to care for it, it will return to you much more than you think

Finally, another interesting fact.

Have you ever wondered how the body releases fat during training, and where does it go?

The answer is more than interesting: as high as 84% ​​fat, is converted into carbon dioxide and from the body leaving like the exhale and the remaining 16% becomes the water which is excreted through the pores or urinary tract.

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