Tips for beginners

It's always the right time for the gym

You decided to start ercising and go to the gym you have been recommended. But you do not know anything about it. What to do, how to prepare, what not to eat, how to use which machine and get desired results?

When you arrive at Pro Gym fitness center, you will be welcomed by a professional coach and you'll definitely get the necessary instructions and information about our programs. To remove the excess weight, tighten certain part of the body, harden a specific muscle group or you have certain health problems ... we will help you to choose the type of exercise that will lead to the results you need and fast. However, if you are from those who like to prepare in advance and familiarize themselves with what awaits them, we give you a couple of general and useful tips for beginners.

• Choose an exercise program that fits your business, dynamics and lifestyle, age and the objective you want to achieve.

• To choose light and comfortable clothes made of natural materials that is easily breathable. More important than that is that you have comfortable shoes, appropriate number and model. It is important to firmly hold the ankle, and that you have enough room when the foot moves during the exercise.

• An hour before going to the gym you should eat light food, fruit or protein and do not forget to bring mineral water, which will compensate for the lost in sweating.

• Stay motivated and do not succumb to the impression that you are only a beginner and that all are stronger and more skilled than you. Keep in mind that all were once beginners.

• Set realistic and easily achievable goals that will gradually increase. Do not expect to in the first practice without a great deal of trouble to do 50 sit-ups, but it is important that the number increases each time.

• In order to avoid injury, always listen to the instructor, no matter how much you exercise looks easy. The proper execution is what matters.

• Do not force the first day until the muscles do not adapt to the load. However, mild muscle soreness is completely expected and for the next visit to the gym you should really rest sore part.

• Try to breathe properly, ensuring the body and muscles receiving enough oxygen.

• Take seriously the recommendations about the warm-up and stretching. Warm-up should last at least 10 minutes and its goal is to increase the heart rate and body temperature which increases blood circulation within the muscles. Fundamental heating will save the body from injury and prepare it for all the goals in this training. Proper stretching of all muscle groups that you worked prevents their inflammation.

• Consult with professionals on drawing up a training plan. This will help your safely and easiest way to reach the desired goals. The coach will instruct you how many series is allowed, how many repetitions and the weight of them to go.

• Do not forget to rest. Larger muscle groups require a longer time to recover. In less muscle parts belong biceps, triceps takes about 3-4 days, while the legs and back require 5-8 days of rest.

• To stay motivated devise a reward. For each goal achieved progress and treat yourself to something you enjoy.

• Do not delay going to the gym and do not skip workouts. Quickly visible results will continually drag you forward, but it is only important that you do not ever give up.

Phrases you should know

There are several general terms that should be familiar to anyone who wants to exercise in the gym.

Repetition - One complete movement (ex. by weight)

Series or set - a few repetitions in a row.

Maximum number of repeats - number of repetitions after which you cannot repeat anymore.

Maximum weight - the number of weight that you can lift and no more than that.

Proper breathing - the air is inhaled through the nose, the mouth and exhaled breath, the diaphragm (belly), rather than the thorax.

And what else should you know that going to the gym will not do any good only to your body, but also your thoughts and emotions. Hormones secreted by the body while exercising will make you feel great. Extra advice: if you hold the focus on results, there will be no change. Give your attention to small changes and you will see great results.

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